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Bespoke and confidential Medical Product design

Designed, Manufactured and Cleaned to medical standards. ISO 7 (J Class 10,000) Clean Rooms

Millions of patients armedi1ound the world currently need daily medication.  Many different prescription drugs are delivered using medical devices such as Metered Dose Inhalers, Auto Injection Systems and Nasal Sprays.

The common delivery devices are actually classified as primary packaging systems made from plastic but most contain a mechanical “heart” that allows them to function.

The metal components used in the image below are very highly regulated. All medical device companies and medical supplies companies have to ensure that Good Manufacturing Processes and Standards are constantly maintained.

What can we offer?

Advanex Emedi2urope offer product designers full technical support. From concept, through various critical development stages into volume manufacture around the globe. As part of the Advanex Global Network of companies our expertise in this market are extensive. We already supply a vast range of metal springs, wire forms and stampings using our extensive product design and development capabilities.

Our management system is approved to ISO 9001 and 14001 plus many other leading National and International Standards whilst incorporating cGMP guidelines and DMF Holder status for the medical industry.

  • Design & Development Assistance
  • Rapid sample Prototyping
  • ISO 7 ( J Class 10,000 Unit) Clean Rooms
  • Ultra Modern Manufacturing
  • Local Partner – Global Team
  • Continuous Value Engineering

Advanex Europe medi3have had increased involvement with medical & pharmaceutical markets. We now have two main manufacturing sites within Europe that incorporate clean man

ufacturing areas. It is these modern facilities that allow us to produce many different type of compression springs or spring clips. As well as components for surgical or medical instruments within the controlled environments that are a necessary part of supplying the market today.

The continued investment in our capabilities also includes the construction of our ISO 7 (J Class 10,000) Clean Rooms and Laminar Flow cabinets. These areas are designed specifically for high volume precision component cleaning. With our additional finishing processes on site we provide the entire solution all in one place.



Design & Development

We have developed fantastic partnerships with our customers or product design and consultancy companies , we provide the optimum solution for their needs. Being included in design concept decisions at the earliest stages in a project enables us to give you the best solution available to meet both effective functionality and the lowest cost. The development of that design concept can range from ‘around the table’ discussions of mechanism priorities to the provision of fittings, or a simple drawing showing the permitted space envelope. Providing us with the details of all the constraints, the volumetric, environmental, and functional constraints, and life expectancy will enable us to make the right decisions and recommendations for you!


At Advanex Europe we fully understand the need for secrecy in the development of new products. In order to maintain intellectual property rights it is imperative that all parties are versed and aware of what should and what shouldn’t be said where and when. We ourselves needed to protect our own designs and products and ask the same of our suppliers and sub-contractors.

There has been a significant number of purchase and confidentiality agreements signed with our customers, many of which relate to companies in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. We maintain a database of these agreements, accessible only by internal personnel who need to know.

Individual product confidentiality is limited to the work group allocated to a project within the company.