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Insert Collar Compression Limiters

Advanex Insert Collars provide reliable fastening solutions for a diverse variety of plastic applications.

Detangling Springs

Springs and wire forms can easily become tangled which can be a major issue for our customers. We have a range of solutions to stop this from happening.

Protective Finishes

POPULAR FINISHES FOR SPRINGS – We have the capabilities at Advanex to provide a number of different protective finishes to our components. 

Hinges Technical Information

Advanex can offer a wide range of hinges. This Knowledge Hub post provides more detail on our Hexatorq products.

Under the Microscope – Random Breakages – Stainless Steel Circlips

This Knowledge Hub post details how we solved a problem with random breakages of steel circlips.

Reducing Particulate

Advanex – The Experts in Reducing Particulate in Medical Device Production

Advanex KATO®

Our world leading Tangless® inserts can be used to reduce installation and removal times by up to 40% for the assembly team.

Compression Spring End Types

Compression Springs: The forms they come in and their applications


Glossary – The definitions of key spring terms and technologies

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