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Wire Forms & Shapes

Complex wire shaping for production runs of all sizes

Wire shapes can be used to provide a spring function, or they can be used as rigid members to provide location for mating parts.There is an infinite variety of shapes, and our design team can help determine the optimum shape and size to achieve your needs.

Wire Forms have many uses and possess an equally large array of shapes and sizes. They  can be anything from a load supporting link with negligible deflection to a tension applying component where a static load is necessary for proper function of an assembly.

Technical Capabilities

Materials: Spring Steels, Stainless Steels, Copper Alloys, Nickel Alloys, and a range of special materials such as Titanium, Elgilloy, Hastelloy, Kanthal etc.

Processes: Handcoiling, CNC Wire Forming, Multi-slide manufacture, Vibro-Deburring, Barrelling, Shot Peening.

Heat Treatment: Inline Stress relieving, Hardening and Tempering, Austempering and Local Annealing.

Finishes: Electroplating, Organic Zinc coatings, Autophoretic painting, Phosphating, Oiling, or as required by our customers.

Advanex have experience and knowledge of wire forming materials as diverse as stainless steel, precoated material, spring steel, titanium, nitronic, phosphor bronze and pre hardened materials. These can also be customised with additional services such as cleaning, plating and specialised packaging.

Our extensive development of Micro Engineering means the Advanex Group can produce wire forms in wire diameters as small as 15 microns.

Applications may include Wire Forms as electrical conductors, spring clips, or spring clamps.In some cases, depending on dimensional constraints and other factors, they may be able to replace conventional springs and help eliminate the need for other components, therefore, reducing the associated costs.

Our range is currently used in applications as varied as cameras, automotive components, medical devices, consumer electronics and aerospace even through to the simplest application such as a birdfeeder.

Advanex has long experience of design and development of complex tooling for wire shape manufacture. We have the ability to produce small quantities by hand, and a wide range of manufacturing equipment suitable for medium and high volume work.

Learn more about wire forming, shapes and parts for medical applications.


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