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Torsion Springs

Delivering a Variety of Multi-Purpose Springs

Advanex specialise in the design and production of Torsion Springs which can be used for a wide range of functional devices and products.

Torsion springs are ideal where there is a requirement for angular movement with the legs attached to other components, mouldings etc. Forces are applied to one of the spring legs.

The distance from the spring centre to the point of force application affects the amount of torque developed (torque = force applied x distance from centre).

Torsion Spring Terminology

Angular Deflection: Is the angle of rotation measured from the free position to the installed intermediate or final positions.

Coil Angle: Is the angle between the arms or legs of a Torsion Spring when the spring is in the unloaded or natural state.

Leg Length: The length of the arms or legs defined from the axis of the spring body to the outermost point.

Mandrel: The rod or shaft over which the Torsion Spring operates

Torque: The twisting action in Torsion Springs which produces rotation, equal to the load multiplied by the distance from the load to the axis of the spring body.

Maximum Deflection: The maximum rated angular deflection of a spring before permanent damage occurs.

Technical Capabilities

Materials: Spring Steels, Stainless Steels, Copper Alloys, Nickel Alloys, and a range of special materials such as Titanium, Elgilloy, Hastelloy, Kanthal etc.

Spring Shapes: Parallel sided, Conical, Barrel Shaped, Waisted (Hour Glass), Multi-Diameter springs.

End Configurations: Tangent, Straight offset, Axial, or and special shape as required.

Design: Full design capability using bespoke computer software. Designed to fit customers space envelopes and force requirements. Checking of customers own design for all orders received, prior to manufacture.

Processes: Coiling, Pre-stressing (‘Scragging’), Vibro-Deburring, Barrelling, Shot Peening.

Heat Treatment: Inline Stress relieving, Hardening and Tempering, Austempering and Local Annealing.

Finishes: Electroplating, Organic Zinc coatings, Autophoretic painting, Phosphating, Oiling, or as required by our customers.

Produced in either round wire or rectangular section material the Torsion Spring is commonly found in applications which require an “open” or “close” function but they can be applied to a variety of products and applications.

Commonly Torsion Springs are designed to be close wound but can be produced with pitch between the coils to reduce friction.  During coiling the spring can be produced in either clockwise and anti-clockwise forms and can work in tandem in certain applications.

Additionally they can be designed and manufactured as either single torsion, double torsion or multi-torsion forms to assist in your application.

With miniaturisation of electronic devices Advanex have taken a step ahead by producing micro torsion spring with wire diameters as small as 15 Microns and we are constantly looking to go even smaller.

Advanex have experience and knowledge of spring forming materials as diverse as stainless steel, precoated material, spring steel, titanium, nitronic, phosphor bronze and pre hardened materials.

Our engineering and design team can support our customers with the design and development of the optimum product and production solution for their application.

Learn more about our torsion springs for medical applications.


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