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The SureTorq range of free stop hinges has been developed to suit a multitude of applications and provide our customers with a stock range of high quality, stainless steel, positioning hinges.

Research and development have ensured these spring hinges are smaller and thinner than the industry standard offering lightweight alternatives for typical products such as Notebook PCs, Digital Cameras, PDA as well as several Medical and Dental devices.

The ST010 – ST040 Series are supplied with left and right hand mountings.

The ST060 - ST080 Range are also available in left and right hand mounting as well as our unique bi-directional mounting.

The SureTorq hinges will hold position at any angle within their working range. The entire standard range has been fully tested and inspected to provide peace of mind as well as significant savings in development and design costs.

Additionally the SureTorq range shows a very small percentage drop-off in initial torque even when cycled in dual directions, at 50,000 cycles – SureTorq hinges show less than a 10% drop off in performance.

SureTorq standard range provides savings by..

Light-weight and compact - Maximised space and weight savings.

Consistent torque - Designed for 30,000 cycles or more without failure!

Highly Durable Hinges - Virtually no Wear & Tear.




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