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Advanex are proud to introduce the new revolution in thread locking, with our spring technology and expertise we have designed a range (M5 to M24) of special spring devices for preventing nut & bolt joints from loosening through vibration.

The spring is applied using a normal spanner or socket wrench and when the nut is tightened onto a bolt, it grips the bolt thread and prevents the nut from loosening.


  • Time Saving!
  • Quick and easy method!
  • Foreign Object Debris (FOD)-Free Design.
  • No solvents means a clean free bolt which can be re-used
  • Re-Usable!
  • Easy to remove and re-use

Our initial tests shows that the spring device not only out performs most other locking methods, but is also re-usable and non destructive method of locking and unlocking the nuts and bolt joint.

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