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Insert Collar Compression Limiters

Reliable fastening solutions – Reduce costs and increase efficiencies

Insert Collars Sometimes known as Compression Limiters are a key component for Automotive industries. The collars provide a reliable and durable fixing for many variants of electronic sensors in ABS, Fuel Control, Thermostat and Cruise Control Systems. Advanex’s unique concept provides a stronger bonding to parent plastic material, and uses a forming method which can achieve tighter tolerances than many of the current ranges in the market.

How do they work?

When a bolt in an assembly is tightened the plastic parent material compresses. Stresses in the plastic increase until the head of the bolt or washer comes in contact with the compression limiter. Further tightening of the bolt will cause the compression limiter and plastic parent material to compress at the same rate.

Advanex Insert Collars absorb the additional clamping loads without further significant compression or increased stresses in the plastic parent material.

Insert Collars are manufactured from high strength carbon steel (per ASTM A1008). A zinc-nickel with clear chromate plating is applied for exceptional corrosion resistance.

Advanex offers custom designed impressions to meet any and all requirements.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Prevents damage to parent material
  • Designed for Moulded-In applications
  • Superior Retention & Anti-Rotational Characteristics
  • Lower Cost than Solid Tube and Knurled Limiters
  • Custom design for your application



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