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Advanex HexaTorq torque controlling hinges now set the industry standard for reliable, cost effective motion control.

With two ranges of friction hinges, HexaTorq we can provide our customers with a one-stop shop for any and all hinge needs.This range of free stop hinges are innovative, high quality, metal and plastic resin hinge assemblies that offer an exceptional smoothness of motion.

Available in a range of standardised sizes, and available with or without integral mounting brackets, to meet most application requirements.

Extensive design & durability testing has found that in either elevated temperature or constant cyclic applications HexaTorq hinges experience a predictable drop-off in torque, and will then return to pre-set torque values after a minimal cool down period.

This means no damage to your expensive part!

The HexaTorq standard range offers..

  • Consistent Torque Life - Designed for 30,000 Cycles without failure
  • Highly Durable Hinges - Virtually no Wear & Tear
  • No Spring Back - Holds Position during full range of motion
  • Maximised Space & Weight savings - Lightweight & Compact
  • Standardised Design - 6 Torque Ranges & several mounting options
  • Corrosion Resistant - Stainless Steel & Resin Material
  • Easy mounting without brackets - Hex Configuration
  • No Foreign Object Damage - No metal on metal, no particulates
  • Eliminates contamination or corrosion - No Lubrication Required




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