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Compression Springs

The Power to Resist and Deliver Force

One of the simplest spring types, and certainly the most common. They’re popular because they can store a large amount of energy in a small space. Our Technical Department can help you find the optimum design for your device, ensuring your product is no bigger than it has to be, whilst giving you the performance you require. Compression springs are mostly made from round wire, although other cross sections may be appropriate in special circumstances.

The performance of compression springs can be enhanced by shot-peening, pre-stressing, and special material grades or surface finishes.

Technical Capabilities

Materials: Spring Steels, Stainless Steels, Copper Alloys, Nickel Alloys, and a range of special materials such as Titanium, Elgilloy, Hastelloy, Kanthal etc.

Spring Shapes: Parallel sided, Conical, Barrel Shaped, Waisted (Hour Glass), Multi-Diameter springs.

End Configurations: Closed and ground, closed not ground, open and ground, open not ground. Multiple dead coils at one or both ends, or dead coil sections anywhere in the body of the spring.

Design: Full design capability using bespoke computer software. Designed to fit customers’ space envelopes and force requirements. Checking of customers’ own design for all orders received, prior to manufacture.


Support Capabilities

Processes: Coiling, End Grinding, Pre-stressing (‘Scragging’), Vibro-Deburring, Barrelling, Shot Peening.

Heat Treatment: Inline Stress relieving, Hardening and Tempering, Austempering and Local Annealing.

Finishes: Electroplating, Organic Zinc coatings, Autophoretic painting, Phosphating, Oiling, or as required by our customers.

Usually compression springs are parallel, but a conical shape is sometimes needed in order to reduce the solid height. Other shapes including barrel or hourglass are also possible.

At Advanex Europe we produce a very broad range of compression springs in terms of both size and complexity of shape. We have facilities to make small quantities economically by hand methods, as well as medium and high volumes by automatic CNC controlled machinery.

If you need micro compression springs we can produce these within the Advanex Group in wire diameters as small as 15 microns, and we would be pleased to hear of your interest in these high-technology components.

Learn more about our compression springs for medical applications.

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