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New: Spring Manufacturing Capabilities Unveiled

We have recently unveiled our latest, innovative machinery that will revolutionize precision spring manufacturing. Our latest machines handle the entire production process from raw material to packaged springs ready for delivery.

The new machines have been designed and manufactured as part of our Continual Development Program. Using materials including a range of high-grade stainless steels, the automated spring manufacturing process includes coiling, transfer to heat treatment, prestressing and automatic packing into trays ready for delivery.

New: Automated spring manufacturing machine designed and built by our engineering team

The new machines bring a range of benefits to Advanex and our customers which include:

  • Increased production outputs of up to 150%*
  • Faster production rates
  • Increased part consistency
  • Improved quality
  • Reduced scrap rates
  • Reduced labour costs of up to 90%*
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Increased response to varying demands/requirements


Ian Beardsmore, Managing Director said, “Advanex lead the way with precision component manufacturing across the globe. Our latest machines are cutting edge and will enable us to offer our customer’s cost effective, added value parts. This is an integral part of our growth strategy as we develop in a range of market sectors including medical devices, aerospace and automotive”.

A video of the latest machinery can be viewed below:


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*Based on internal Advanex testing



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