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Mars Rover Landing For ‘Out Of This World’ Advanex

After a six month voyage, the Mars Rover Perseverance has touched down on the Red Planet this week equipped with Advanex manufactured KATO CoilThread, leading to glowing reviews from one client of Advanex Europe who were involved in the manufacture of the Mars Rover. 

COMAT, one of the companies working directly on the Mars Rover Perseverance mission, which began its voyage in July 2020, have spoken in glowing terms about the partnership forged with Advanex with this latest, out-of-this-world project, stating that the ‘quality and time saved’ using KATO CoilThread inserts ensures the components ‘now stand out as the Baseline for all future projects’. 

With the Mars Rover Perseverance having completed its journey to the Red Planet this week, Advanex Europe are delighted to see their KATO CoilThread wire thread inserts playing such an important part in the process. 

In the complex environment represented by the SUPERCAM instrument, the ‘choice of Tangless inserts was essential’, according to COMAT AIT Manager Marius Ferry. 

Ferry continued to state that: “We once again trusted the quality of KATO products for this project. The complexity of the parts that COMAT manufactures and the requirements of the space industry no longer allow standard thread inserts.” 

The KATO Tangless inserts used on the Mars Rover and manufactured by Advanex are both quicker and easier to install than their Tanged counterparts. The lack of a tang makes Tangless inserts especially useful for blind holes or in applications where the removal of the tang, like in the case of the Mars Rover, is especially critical. 

Ferry said: “The gain in quality and time saved by the Advanex product has meant that KATO CoilThread inserts now stand out as the baseline for all our future projects.” 

The Mars Rover Perseverance is scheduled to stay on the Red Planet for one Mars year, which is 687 Earth days. Advanex Europe is proud to have played an important role in this exciting mission. 

For more information on Advanex manufactured KATO Tangless® CoilThread and how it could benefit your future products and projects, click here

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